The Times of India article – Ayurvedic treatment for PCOD and IVF patients

The Times of India article – Ayurvedic treatment for PCOD and IVF patients

Erika underwent IVF twice but she found it difficult to get pregnant as she was suffering from PCOS and had chronic anovulation problem. Due to anovulation, endometrium was also thin. With hormonal support she got ovulation and IVF was done. However, the quality of eggs was suspicious and results were not fruitful.

Many patients like Erika can get benefits of Ayurveda rasayan treatments and panchakarma for enhancing ovulation and quality of eggs.Rasayan is decided after prakruti and naadi (pulse) examination. In ancient days this treatment was implemented for jara vyadhinashanam, that lowered the effects of aging and improved immunity to fight diseases.

In recent times late marriages are common. Due to aging, quality of ovum in female and sperm in male decreases.Also the changed eating habits and disturbed sleeping patterns interferes in metabolism. Toxins get saturated in the body . To remove those toxins, panchakarma treatment is introduced. It includes basti, virechana, uttarbasti and shirodhara. Except uttarbasti, all treatments can be done for teenager PCOS patients to get rid of cosmetic problems and regularise menstrual cycle. Uttarbasti is special panchakarma used to enhance ovum quality and endometrial thickness. It is used in PCOS, infertility and menopausal syndrome in married woman. Medicines used for uttarbasti are according to required results, like kasisadi oil for ovulation, fala ghruta for recurrent abortions. In all, Ayurveda creates healthy environment for pregnancy .

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*Procedures explained are based on the expert’s understanding of the said field.

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