पीसीओडी मुळे येणाऱ्या वंध्यत्वावर आयुर्वेदाचे प्रभावी अस्त्र

स्त्रीच्या आयुष्यातील अत्यंत आनंदाचा क्षण म्हणजे आई होणं. मातृत्वाच्या अनुभवाला मुकणे हा स्त्रीच्या दृष्टीने अतिशय दु:खद अनुभव ठरतो.

मासिक पाळी – स्त्रीच्या जीवनातला एक नैसर्गिक अविष्कार

प्रत्येक मुलीच्या आयुष्यात मासिक पाळीची सुरवात ही एक शारीरिकदृष्ट्या व तितकीच भावनिकदृष्ट्याही महत्वाची अशी घटना आहे. गर्भधारणेसाठी तयार झालेले गर्भाशयाचे अस्तर व बीजांडकोषामधील फलित न झालेले स्त्रीबीज रक्ताबरोबर शरीराबाहेर टाकले जाण्याची क्रिया म्हणजे मासिक पाळी.

Ayurvedic Perspective on PCOS | Ayurvedic Treatment for PCOS in Pune

Ayurvedic treatment for PCOS in Pune

Ayurvdedic treatment for PCOS can be very effective but before getting to that let us just get a glimpse of what Ayurveda says about PCOS. Ayurvedic perspective of PCOS: In Ayurveda, the balance state of doshas is mainly responsible for health and any derangement to this will lead to disease. This dosha-vaishamya is directly connected to symptoms […]

The Times of India article – Ayurvedic treatment for PCOD and IVF patients

Ayurvedic Treatment in Pune

Erika underwent IVF twice but she found it difficult to get pregnant as she was suffering from PCOS and had chronic anovulation problem. Due to anovulation, endometrium was also thin. With hormonal support she got ovulation and IVF was done. However, the quality of eggs was suspicious and results were not fruitful. Many patients like […]

Crucial role of diet in management of PCOS

Ayurvedic Treatment for PCOS in Pune

A PCOS diet has a crucial role in the management of PCOS, not only for weight loss and maintenance, but also to regulate insulin levels. Finding the right diet to tackle the symptoms of PCOS is a complex process and highly individual. As insulin resistance is usually the underlying problem, however, an eating plan for […]

The Times of India article – Ayurvedic treatment for PCOS and Infertility

Ayurvedic Treatment in Pune

Ayurvedic treatment for PCOS and Infertility When Shivani came to SMV Ayurveda, she was frustrated due to Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease (PCOS) and her failure to get pregnant after many treatments. Shivani suffered from PCOS from her teenage years.Following treatment, she had regular menstrual cycle, even if her ultra-sonography reports were pointing at PCOS. But […]