How to treat PCOD and Infertility with Ayurveda

How to treat PCOD and Infertility with Ayurveda

Treat PCOD and Infertility with Ayurveda

Treat PCOD and Infertility with Ayurveda

The presence of PCOD causes chronic ovulation in females, which also affects regularity of menses. One’s periods become irregular and scanty and severe pain in the abdomen and backache during menses is also common which forces women to miss out on their daily activities. Anovulation also leads to the inability to get pregnant. Women wanting to start families post marriage, and having PCOD, should get treated at the earliest.

PCOD also causes darkening of skin, pimples and unwanted facial hair growth, which disturbs feminine beauty. SMV Ayurveda treats the root cause of all these symptoms. Panchakarma at SMV Ayurveda detoxifies the body and the medication rejuvenates every cell of the body . Along with this, lifestyle moderation as per ancient science also controls a relapse of PCOD symptoms.

Doctors at the center take personal care of each patient. Uttarbasti is a specific panchakarma treatment for infertile females. When used with accurate measures, it helps reduce PCOD and helps ovulation and implantation of the ovum in the endometrium. Uttarbasti also helps in fallopian tubal block and Endometriosis. Patients undergoing for IVF or ICSI also benefit from of panchakarma in terms of better quality of ovum in females. It also helps improve sperm quality and quantity in male patients.

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Shri Maulivishwa Ayurveda Research Center is dedicated to research in Ayurveda for women’s health. Vaidya Vinesh Nagare, who is a gynecologist, specializes in Ayurvedic Treatment for Infertility, PCOD/PCOS and other menstrual problems of women.

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