Can I get pregnant with PCOS? Finally, We Have the Answer!

Can I get pregnant with PCOS? Finally, We Have the Answer!


Can I get pregnant with PCOS?

Every woman suffering from PCOS has one question in her mind- Can I get pregnant with PCOS? If you are suffering from PCOS, there is no need to worry. If treated well and in time, women with PCOS get pregnant and deliver a healthy baby.


What is PCOS?

First let us understand what PCOS is. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is a health problem arising from metabolism issues and reproductive hormonal imbalance, every 1 in 10 women suffers from PCOS. An egg is released from ovaries as a part of the menstrual cycle. In case of PCOS the egg may not be released during the ovulation. These eggs remain in the ovary and cysts are formed.


PCOS and Infertility

PCOS is one of the most frequently found causes of infertility. It is because the ovulation process gets disturbed. The hormonal imbalance interferes with the growth and release of eggs. Also, PCOS messes with the menstrual cycle. The periods are missed and become irregular. This affects conception leading to infertility and delay in conception. That’s why it has become a common question now a days, ‘Can I get pregnant with PCOS?’

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PCOS and Pregnancy

However, rest assured that PCOS is not the end of your motherhood dream. With proper management and treatment conception does happen. You can consult your doctor and get proper treatment. Also do the necessary lifestyle modifications to get pregnant.

  • Get proper treatment from well qualified doctor
  • Follow healthy lifestyle on regular basis
  • Reduce your weight and keep it in healthy range
  • Do not smoke or drink
  • Consume a healthy diet rich with fruits, vegetables, nuts, fibre and all essential vitamins and minerals
  • Take enough and good quality sleep
  • Exercise regularly, do Yoga or meditate


PCOS and infertility treatment

If you have PCOS, a natural Ayurvedic approach can lead to successful pregnancy and childbirth. According Ayurveda, it is very important when you eat, what you eat, are digestive juices in good form, is fire working while making sperm or egg.

It is important to ignite the ‘Agni’ with exercise, stress relief, timely eating of nutritious food etc. Ayurvedic regulations, if followed regularly, remove the root cause of infertility and facilitate conception.


Some Ayurvedic tips for Women with PCOS for infertility

  • Use realization techniques to get rid of stress. Stress leads to malnourishing of the blood and uterine lining.
  • Increasing flexibility and ‘Rasa’ elements gives good results. Include dal, aamti, milk, buttermilk and ghee in your diet. Eat less spicy and oily food. Fried and salty foods are a strict no no.
  • Take ‘Abhyang’- full body massage with sesame oil. Use ‘Kulith’ flour as scrub.
  • Ayurved recommends medicinal water called ‘Mustadi Shadangodak’. Make a powder of Musta, Pittapapada, Wala, White Chandan and Sunth. Boil 1 spoonful of this powder into 1 liter water. Keep it for 10 minutes and drink sip by sip, throughout the day.
  • Eat sesame chutney, haleew kheer, kharik, almonds, black currents regularly.
  • To avoid any infection, take 1 spoonful of turmeric in hot water. Wash the vagina with 1 spoon of turmeric boiled in hot water.
  • Gulwel Kadha reduces Pitta and fever.


Stop worrying about the question, ‘Can I get Pregnant with PCOS?’ 

With proper assessment and management of PCOS, a woman’s chances of getting pregnant increase. It is important to get right advice and support with a focused plan of action.

So, stop asking the question, ‘Can I get pregnant with PCOS?’. If you are suffering from PCPS symptoms and are not able to conceive, we will help you. At SMV Ayurveda, Vaidya Vinesh Nagare has given excellent results on PCOS and pregnancy treatments.

Ayurveda and lifestyle modification are the most natural, harm free and holistic ways to treat the root cause of these symptoms and get pregnant. Feel free to contact us in case of any PCOS related problem.


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