12 PCOD Problem Symptoms: How to Identify PCOD?

12 PCOD Problem Symptoms: How to Identify PCOD?


Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or PCOD is a very common problem today. Every 1 in 10 Indian woman suffers from PCOD.

However, many women still don’t know PCOD problem symptoms. It is vital that every woman should know the symptoms, so that it can be identified, and treatment can be sought immediately.

Here are some major PCOD problem symptoms.


Trouble conceiving or infertility

PCOD Problem Symptoms - Infertility

One major PCOD problem symptom is that you cannot conceive. Infertility is a major symptom of PCOD. The hormonal imbalance prevents the ovaries from creating and releasing eggs. The ovulation process stops.


Irregular or Missed Periods

PCOD Problem Symptoms - Irregular Periods
Irregular Periods

If you are having irregular periods and or missing it frequently, you might have PCOD. This syndrome disturbs the menstruation cycle since the production of egg is stropped and ovulation process is disrupted.


Mood Swings

PCOD Problem Symptoms - Mood Swings
Mood Swings

Frequent mood swings, sudden burst of anger, constant anxiety, emotional instability, fits of depression are some symptoms that are related to PCOD. Women facing these symptoms should verify if they are having PCOD.



PCOD Problem Symptoms - Acne

One of the very common PCOD problem symptoms is acne. It is apparent due to the hormonal changes that occur during this syndrome. The testosterone level is increased. This leads to secretion of more sebum and production of more skin cell, thus giving rise to acne problem.



PCOD Problem Symptoms - Fatigue

If you are feeling tired constantly and feeling chronic fatigue, it might be a symptom of PCOD. More so, if there is no other cause for feeling fatigue.


Insulin Resistance

PCOD Problem Symptoms - Insulin Resistance
Insulin Resistance

When the body does not respond to insulin in a time or way it is expected to, it is called Insulin Resistance. It leads to high blood glucose levels and energy loss. Then more insulin is needed before glucose is taken into the body tissues. Women with PCOD often show insulin resistance as a symptom.


High Testosterone Levels

PCOD Problem Symptoms - High Testosterone
High Testosterone

High levels of insulin lead to high testosterone level because then ovaries make more testosterone. If high testosterone is observed, you might be suffering from PCOD and should see a doctor immediately.


Excessive Body Hair growth

PCOD Problem Symptoms - Excess Body Hair
Excess Body Hair

If a woman or a young girl gets extra hair on her body and face, it might be due to the rising level of testosterone. Excessive body hair growth is the symptom of PCOD. Hair follicles are sensitive to the rise in testosterone.


Weight Changes and Trouble Losing Weight

PCOD Problem Symptoms - Trouble Losing Weight
Trouble Losing Weight

If you have sudden weight changes, have gained weight over a period of time and are finding it hard to reduce or manage your weight, it definitely one of PCOD problem symptoms. In this case, insulin does not function efficiently and leads to the risk of obesity.


Ovarian Cysts

PCOD Problem Symptoms - Ovarian Cyst
Ovarian Cyst

If you have a problem of ovarian cysts, it could be a PCOD symptom. During PCOD, eggs are not released and the follicles keep rowing. The eggs are stuck in ovaries and form multiple cysts, mostly functional cysts.


Low Sex Drive

PCOD Problem Symptoms - Low Sex Drive
Low Sex Drive

Sexual desire can be diminished in PCOD because of lack of energy and well-being, obesity, depression,  anxiety due to growth of bodily and facial hair or acne, constant mood swings etc. Infertility problem can also lead to lack of sex drive, which is a commonly observed PCOD problem symptom.


Male Pattern Baldness and Thinning Hair

PCOD Problem Symptoms - Thinning Hair
Thinning Hair

When your hair starts thinning, it may be the symptom of PCOD. Increase in the secretion of male hormones that is androgens is called androgenic alopecia. It is male pattern baldness which is very embarrassing for a woman.



Look out for these PCOD problem symptoms, as sometimes you might not detect them for a long time and suffer from its effects without knowing that is wrong with your body.

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