Mind According to Trigunas

Ayurveda takes Indian Metaphysical concepts or the concepts which explain the formation of universe, as the basis of its philosophy.

Therefore Ayurveda takes into account the concept of Trigunas and Tridoshas.

The Trigunas are the causative factors of cration of universe. Trigunas are Satva, Raja and Tama. Prakruti represents a balanced state of Satva, Raja and Tama.

Properties or qualities of the Trigunas :

  1. Satva –

Satva is light, luminous. joyous and extends love and affection. Though mind it unfolds earnestness, softness, modesty, satisfaction, faith, Forgiveness, Kindness, Self control, knowledge and happiness.

2. Raja –

Raja is mobile, stimulant, endevour, activeness, negative and saddening qualities like hatred , deception, malice, criticism, pride, greed, egoism, conceit, anger etc. are the expressions of Rajouna.

3. Tama –

Obstruction, suppression and resistance to the qualities of satvaguna, covering up of light and knowledge, idleness, inactivity, controversy, fear, atheism, deceit, mean mindedness, misery, ignorance, blockheadedness etc. are the qualities of tama.

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Mental Constitutions according to Trigunas :

  1. Tamobhooyishta ( Tamoguna Dominated Mentality) –
  • Less Intelligent
  • Depressed and Frustrated
  • Lazy and Inactive
  • Less Mental Stamina
  • Day sleepers
  • Indulged in eating, drinking, sleeping and sex
  • Greedy and Selfish
  • Unbalanced, Restless and irritable

2. Rajobhuyishta ( Rajoguna Dominated Mentality) –

  • Egoistic and Proud
  • Ambitious and Dominating
  • Boasting
  • Hard working with less stress on planning and direction
  • Emotions like anger, jealousy are dominant
  • Very good friends as well as bitter enemies
  • Limited self control
  • Intelligent, Militant, Activist, Risk mongers and extremist

3. Satvabhuyishta ( Satvaguna Dominated Mentality ) –

  • Steady and pure mind
  • Religious, Truthful and Righteous
  • Good Manners and Character
  • Good Self Control and Balance
  • Exceptional Mental Stamina
  • Less sleep is enough
  • Respect and Honour elders
  • Mature and Logical Thinkers
  • Always engaged in improving knowledge proficiency and skill
  • Kind, Forgiving and Helping nature
  • constructive in thoughts and actions

In Indian Philosophy, much of the things are classified in 3s. This classification helps analyse and gives insight into many mental complexities of a human mind.

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