How to get pregnant fast? : 9 Tips Every Woman Should Know

How to get pregnant fast? : 9 Tips Every Woman Should Know


Starting a family is one of the most delightful decisions of a couple’s life. Once the honeymoon romance is over, it is the time of responsibilities.

If you are keen on having a baby, first know how to get pregnant fast. It is a step by step process.


Destress and do lifestyle modifications

how to get pregnant fast-Destress and do lifestyle modifications
Destress and do lifestyle modifications

If you want to get pregnant fast, reduce your stress. Relax your body and mind with the things you love to do. Nurture your hobbies. Go into nature. Rejuvenate yourself. Adopt healthy lifestyle. Exercise regularly. Eat good, protein rich food with lots of fruits and vegetables.

All these changes will create a positive environment in your body leading to faster conception.


Do a check up

how to get pregnant fast-Do a check up
Do a check up

Before you plan to conceive, do necessary check-up. Discuss your plans with your gynaecologist. He will most probably prescribe you vitamins such as folic acid at least two months before you conceive. Folic acid prevents some birth defects.

Full body check-up will alert you from any medical problem which needs to be addressed before you get pregnant.


Know your menstrual cycle

how to get pregnant fast-Know your menstrual cycle
Know your menstrual cycle

Understand your menstrual cycle. Identify your period days. It helps towards finding the days of the ovulation which are very important for pregnancy.

Having sexual intercourse on fertile days heightens the chances of getting pregnant.


Have sex prior to ovulation

how to get pregnant fast-Have sex prior to ovulation
Have sex prior to ovulation

Having sex before ovulation will ensure the presence of sperm inside your uterus or fallopian tube when your egg is released from the ovaries. This will result in immediate conception if everything is right.

Generally, for a 28-day menstrual cycle 14 to 17 days are considered to be the ovulation period. Have sex every day during this period to increase your chances of having a baby.


Remain in bed after sex

how to get pregnant fast-Remain in bed after sex
Remain in bed after sex

It is suggested by doctors to keep your vagina in sloping position by raising your waist. This might lead the sperms faster towards the eggs.

It is advised not to wash your vagina immediately after sex. It is a factor that will help you get pregnant faster.


Maintain healthy weight

how to get pregnant fast-Maintain healthy weight
Maintain healthy weight

Obesity or excessive thinness, both decrease your chances of pregnancy. So, make sure you have healthy Body Mass Index. The scientific reason is that more body fat results in more Estrogen production which interferes with ovulation.

Too thin women might have irregular periods or ovulation. So, exercise regularly and monitor your diet for healthy weight. Do not smoke or drink. Both the partners need to have healthy weight.


Do not over exercise

how to get pregnant fast-Do not over exercise
Do not over exercise

Doing too much exercise is not good for the process of ovulation. Heavy exercising disturbs the menstrual cycle and leads to late pregnancy. Also, constant tiredness or fatigue prevents sexual activity.


Check your age

how to get pregnant fast-Check your age
Check your age

Age declines the quality and quantity of a woman’s eggs. With age also comes the risk of gynaecological problems such as fibroids, fallopian tube blockages, endometriosis that is inflammation of the uterine lining etc. It reduces the chances of pregnancy. If you want to get pregnant fast, check these factors.


Seek expert help if required

If you are trying to conceive and it is not happening, seek guidance from an expert doctor. This can be a case of infertility which will have to be treated in time.


Both Should Know How to Get Pregnant Fast

Discuss all these factors with your partner. Together both of you can achieve your goal smoothly and comfortably. With doctor’s mentoring, healthy lifestyle, happy, positive mind-set, proper check-up and timely intercourse, you can get pregnant fast.

Keep in mind that healthy pregnancy starts before conception, with right food, vitamins and advice. Knowing how to get pregnant fast is first step towards achieving it.
Wishing you a happy and healthy journey of pregnancy!


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