For better Sperms and Ovum.

For better Sperms and Ovum

शुक्रम्  सौम्यं, आर्तवम्  आग्नेयं ।

Sperms are cool and ovum is like a fire.

For better quality sperms, a man should follow a lifestyle to maintain coolness of sperms. Should avoid more stress. Also keep check on bad habits like tobacco, drinks, and gutkha. Less consumption of tea and coffee also helps. Avoid spicy food, cold beverages. Never sleep too late. If night shift is compulsory, avoid eating anything. Also avoid tea coffee during night duty. Do not smoke. Wearing tight jeans also increase heat around pelvic region, which is bad for sperms.

Ovum requires fire or energy for maturation. But nowadays women work less due to mechanics introduced in the house. Most of the work in office is sedentary. It lower down the metabolic rate. As per ayurveda, there is micro metabolism in the body. It gets altered. Which causes hormonal imbalance. It disturbs maturation of ovum. So to improve metabolic rate, exercise daily and have less food at a time.

  • Dr. Vinesh Nagare

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