Ayurveda Treatment for PCOD in Teenage Girls

Ayurveda Treatment for PCOD in Teenage Girls

Shivani was 16 and had joined college just three months back.

She was very keen about her college studies as she dreamed of becoming an astro scientist. Thesedays, Shivani is suffering from irregular periods and severe weight increase. She also has a lot of pim ples all over the face and is facing tremendous hair fall.She is very disturbed with all this. On meeting the doctor and getting a pelvis ultrasound done, she was di agnosed with PCOD.

High school and college girls, who are teenagers, face the vital development of reproductive organs during this age. This is also the age when girls like to live on their own terms. and most of them like to sleep late at night and wake up late too. One research says that sleeping late make your body fat and sudden depression is common in these people. During this time, less or no exercise and sit ting long hours for to study is also common. While the habit of eating spicy , salty, oily and preserved food is harmful, it is prac ticed a lot by teenagers who also prefer drinking cold drinks. Cold water disturbs metabolism and develops disturbances in the body.

Ayurveda considers this as disturbance in sapta dhatu or the seven components of the e seven components of the body and vataprakopa.

Prakrutiparikshan as per ayurveda is done be fore starting the treatment. Balancing metabolism is the first priority in PCOS. Rejuvenation therapy plays an important role in treating PCOS.Along with this, panchakarma like basti, shirodhara, raktamokshan, virechana also help in detoxifing the body and improving the metabolism.Medicines like chandraprabha vati, arogyawardhini, suvarna bhasm, shankh bhasm, shatavari kalp show good results when taken on the doctor’s advice.

  • Dr. Vinesh Nagare

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