Ayurveda for a healthy bride

Ayurveda for a healthy bride

Garbhasanskar is a common word nowadays but prior to that, bijasanskar too is an important part of getting pregnant the natural way .

The health of a girl before marriage is as important as post marriage and during Precautions for Yoga - Pregnancy, Ayurveda .

When Sujata came to us six months before marriage, her mensturation was totally dependent on medicines and her skin had darkened and was full of pimples.Over-weight and suffering from mood swings, she was diagnosed with PCOD. Her treatment included proper scheduling of her day to day activities, panchakarma and medicines for detoxification. Five months later, her mensturation regularised and she lost weight. She also got had clearer skin and had a baby within a year of marriage.


According to Ayurveda, the four factors important for pregnancy are, rutu (regular menses), kshetra (uterus’ inner layer called endometrium which should develop normally and be able to implant the ovum in it) and ambu (the balance of water and blood in the body). The last essential factor is beej which is the ovum (female) and sperm (male).

Any irregularity in these factors, should ideally be corrected before marriage. While detoxification can be done with panchakarma like basti, virechana and raktamokshan, stress factors can be worked upon with shirodhara and massages. The factors can be strengthened with rejuvenation and rasayana treatment. For the uterus and endometrium, a special procedure called uttarbasti is undertaken.These ancient ayurvedic therapies help the bride become beautiful and healthy.

  • Dr. Vinesh Nagare

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Shri Maulivishwa Ayurveda Research Center is dedicated to research in Ayurveda for women’s health. Vaidya Vinesh Nagare, who is a gynecologist, specializes in Ayurvedic Treatment for Infertility, PCOD/PCOS and other menstrual problems of women.

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